GIF the Portrait is a Rolling Submission, Open Source Internet Project.

There are many ways to describe and interpret it.

You can see what has been done to date here -> http://giftheportrait.tumblr.com

or read the submission rules that you are welcome to break, bend and re-organize here.

In this new segment below, its a NYC & NY State based cross college / university collaboration project.

My students at CUNY York College, LIU POST & Iona College participated in the fun. We isolated the process first by class, but then fused them all together to generate this animation below. Thats a lot of collage works turned GIF! As we reference art history in each of these courses, we discussed a few prolific artists. What is a prolific artist? Who are they? Two of the most prolific to live on planet earth were Pablo Picasso and Louise Bourgeois. The amount of works produced between the two of them is utterly staggering. (You can decide what you like and what you do not like from these artists) but you get the point. Photo copied portraits of their faces were handed out. These were images discovered online. Believe it or not, lots of people today may know these two artists by name, but not by face. The two head shots we found came in handy. Each student took several photo copies. They were instructed to cut up and recompose the portraits into abstract variations and hybrids, similar to the actual submission guidelines here.

What can we say about what we see below?

The emphasis transcends through learning the elements of art and the principles of design. We were able to discuss the vocabulary of line, shape, form, composition, positive and negative space, repetition, scale, variety, and movement. Time also played a role as each “frame” was being made.

The portraits were then unified by size and captured as frames for the animation. With technology being so accessible today, animations can be made via one’s own smart phone. We talked about the use of VINE, Imgur and other desktop methods using Quicktime and Photoshop. Im sure you have an idea of what you would do, and what tools you may use, or fuse together.

The multi-fused animation below flows with altered tempos and textures as it loops on forever, and ever, and ever.


The Final Result, well…this is one variation!

(This is the cross college / university piece)


CUNY York College CT 101 Students


Iona College Art Appreciation Students


LIU Post MFA Thesis Class

Here is a Collaboration Gallery, to bring it all together in a more consolidated way,

I through in one of my own as well, how could I not?

Stay tuned, more on the way.

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