“Telling Stories”

2015, Multi-Generated GIF Animation.

“Telling Stories” is a new video art GIF loop first formatted and generated for mobil app platforms like Instagram and Vine. It was originally titled The Changing of Minds” when it was first posted in late November. (Ill explain the title change in a follow up blog post.) The animation was soon after translated for the web via my site. The entire piece and its fragments were first created manually. Meaning, they were applied arts executions with drawing, painting, collage and photography. I extended those outcomes by taking still photos of the existing painting, drawing, xerox print and an actual photograph. All of which were done via my iphone. I curated the individual frames from my existing photo library in my phone. I then manipulated the selected images individually via 5 different mobil apps using #giphycam #tobecam #motionportraitapp #glitcheapp and #vine. I then added the sequences together in Vine to see they would flow and loop. This piece is my contrast, I have produced this result with out judgement or critique of the piece. I can do that now as I have explained my steps. I have a result to work from. Is there context and meaning to the piece? Well, what do you see? When it comes to making art, digital or non, sometimes the subject is the process and being aware of what has happened. Thats where I am on this, I will push it forward. I love how digital mobile art making is super accessible, and it has come a long way. I see potential and a passion towards investigating more.

More to come.

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