First and foremost, I’m having a ton of fun with this new series as it evolves. The piece originally began as a second variation in the “discarded cardboard abstract graffiti relief series.” It was intended to be another wall piece that would hang next to the first piece that you see below. The idea to generate a 2D/3D “mask / portrait / wearable sculpture” has been poking at me for some time now. It seemed timely and a great way to explore how the completed works could be potentially displayed. Plus, how much 3D / relief / wearable abstract graffiti works have you encountered? It is my intention to push the boundaries and also create some new ones to break. This piece works well in the context of a photograph, to be seen in 2D, but it will not hold up as well if you are looking at it in person from the profile view. So thats the next piece in the works, a fully 3-dimensional wearable mask in fractured letter forms.

I added these works to the ongoing essay that I posted in 2014 –

The Continued Transcendence of a Tag –>

IMG_6307 2

It was necessary to play with the flattened image and animate it few ways, this is the first round of GIFs created, but how would these look if they were projected and installed in public spaces? Temporary installations? Im working on it.

More to come…

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