Welcome to yet another scenario in the final days of 2015.

A growing body of new works generated and created for our best friend, the Internet. The Internet is kind, it never forgets us, it is always waiting and longing for us, it is always ready to share and archive, and it is always so present. This series of new works has been created purely using my own art, images and videos. All of the works were created using my iphone 5C. In the next week I will be upgrading the iphone 6, lets see what having more space and power will allow for.  I know, Im overdue due to write a tutorial for how these pieces came together, and where they will go. Are they micro-films? Simply GIFs? New media net-art works? Video Art narratives? Or simply mish mosh streams of digital media consciousness arranged into a self created parallel universe to investigate an archetype of my personality? You can decide. I will continue to make them, and think about it.

I teach a really fun course in the LIU Post MFA program titled “New Media in Art.” It runs every spring semester but this particular one is going to be really fun, so much has changed in the last 4 years, and ability to create immediate mobil art has never been so accessible. Well, maybe it has but my awareness to its potentials has now engulfed anything else…

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