Activation Terminal D41 2



Phases, NYC, 2016

GIF Animation, Layered Digital Still Frames.

A combination of cast concrete sculptures used as back round props are set to stage a new situational reality. The idea and longing to illustrate perceptions of time travel comes into play, and what that make look like moments before it becomes one’s reality. The first edition of images and GIFs in this series were captured in immediacy via my iphone and manipulated in mobile applications via, #glitchie #giphycam #to.becam and posted to the web via my Instagram and flickr platforms.

Further renderings were completed in photoshop, posted to my platform gallery as a layered collage and then reformatted here via my website. The integration and cross disciplinary use of both software on and off the web are reoccurring themes in my work this past year. I foresee much more of that in 2016.

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