A Visit to CUNY TV, NYC – January 2016

I am excited to announce that I will be featured in an up and coming piece on CUNY TV here in NYC. I have been teaching as an adjunct professor at two CUNY colleges for over 10 years now. The awesome producer and camera man, who I am so lucky and grateful to have met, came to my studio to conduct the interview and allow me to talk about my work. Aside from the studio visit I was invited to come to the Graduate Center, where they are located to give a live performance of one of my chalk board drawings. The event fell perfectly into the draw, animate and manipulate process and formula I have been working with for a long, long time!

Check back soon in late February 2016 to see the whole segment air.


The Animated RIFF.


The Manipulated RIFF #1.


The Manipulated RIFF #2.


The Manipulated RIFF #3.

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