Cross Platform Digital Collab with @sniekpiek

It was great fun to make a cross platform collaborative video art work with my partner, Artist Monique Spier.

We both very much enjoy the immediacy of taking photos with our iphones and then using the images for creating digital art works that can be manipulated further in mobile apps like Glitche’. Glitche’ is by far one of the most fun apps to have on your mobile art making roster. I have mentioned it several time here on this site, have you downloaded it yet? Im not a rep for the company, but I would be, thats how much I love it.

Nike and I are making a second collab as we speak…

How did we do it? Pass the buck style. One person takes the first original image, tweaks it and sends it back to the other person for iteration. We created 12 frames for this piece. Thats 12 variations from the starting point. It started as an avocado.

We came to a collective agreement when it was “finished” then spliced it all together using imovie.

I went a step further and created a newhive combining additional content…

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