Manual to Digital Completion Drawings.

July 2016

New projects evolve and develop out of pre-existing and current projects. If I can draw it, I want to paint it, if I can paint it I want to sculpt it…and so it goes, applied art making has long been a means of my art practice and expression. This project began simply as a series of drawings. It was my intention to create a series of portraits rendered in pencil. The new works on paper are inspired by the 1980’s #BBOY movement in NYC. I grew up through that time and participated by breakdancing, writing graffiti and loving hip hop music. A lot of the friends I met at that time are no longer participating in those art forms, yet the faces and memories have stayed with me. The first four portraits have remained in tact in their original integrity but the drawings below have gone through an additional process. The drawings below were started manually by hand and completed digitally using a single filter with the Glitche’ mobile app. The “databend” filter is a great feature that pulls the image in the opposite direction that you swipe. You can control how long the databend moves but “how” it moves and augments the image is by chance…. I have to give up a big portion of the “learned control” I had acquired over many years.

I love watching how the filter manipulates the images and dictates the completion of each piece. Do you have a favorite?

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