Curatorial Projects 2008 – 2017 

This post is an archived record and a map for the curatorial projects that I have executed between 2008 – 2017.

COLLABORATED – is an 8 piece Net Art exhibition of collaborative works produced remotely for the Newhive platform by artists & professors Meredith Starr, Sarah Kain Gutowski & Ryan Seslow. The URL dependent works consist of various graphic assets, prose, poetry, digital art, animated GIFs and sound– View the exhibition here – (best viewed via a desktop web browser for the full experience)


Concrete to Data –

ENCRYPTED FILLS – with RJ Rushmore –

Animating Transit – NY Transit Museum -with Michael Branson Smith –

GIF the Portrait –

GIF FIGHT – with Michael Branson Smith- General Howe & Abe Lincoln Jr. –

The Video Potential of Experimental Sequential –


VIDEO>transcends –

VIDEO>forward –

Who is Professor Universe – * Currently Updating this Content.


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