Source Code to Video Art to Net Art URL Dependent – 2016 – A Transcending Format, Digital Art Motion Graphics Project, Part 1.

The Video Art piece above is now hosted via a Vimeo page that I moderate. It has been extracted from its original host here on At one time, a specific page was made on the site for the digital works to be created and utilized with a wordpress based theme called DIVI. The idea was to re-contextualize the use of the theme for art making on the net. Using the themes features the works were composed, tested and applied. The page operated as an ongoing art making platform that was internet and url dependent. The piece is still internet dependent, although it could now be placed onto a DVD, but who wants to manage a DVD(s) today? Not me, you?


The motion graphic above is a GIF animation. It is a looping animation co-dependent on a web browser to view. The GIF was created from a screen recorded manually scrolled view of the video above. I did this all while it was still viewable source code functioning on the web page it was created on in its entirety. This is now all that exists of that source code now…or perhaps it can be found as data and extracted elsewhere?

The piece above was applied and created using the newhive net art platform. My profile and feed can be found here. After completing this piece I selected to share and alter the embedding code. (You can embed the iframe code from here if you wish – <iframe src=’′ style=’width:1450px; height:600px; border:none; margin:0′ allowfullscreen></iframe>) Will you hack it?


Additional GIF animations were made by manipulating the existing digital assets. The GIF above was resized in photshop by significantly reducing pixel sizes but preserving hard edges when I re-increased and resized. The GIF below was the first experiment using a mobile device and the Glitche’ app. The layered GIF was then looped using photoshop and applied here. These are the first few iterations, more to come.


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