I made this digital GIF collage using the to.be platform, I layered several of my gifs together and remixed the giphy home page with my work.

Its my way of saying Thank You Giphy! I Love You! Giphy is awesome, we all know it, so say thank you, too.

I was lucky enough to connect with Giphy early on in the game, and was even one of their first 12 inaugural GIF artists, how lucky! Have you visited their artist archive? Oh man, I know, its that good so share this link – Giphy Artists.

Giphy, A search engine for GIFs, the internets first, this fact has always greatly inspired me, and oh man have they grown into so much more.

Companies like Giphy continue to shape the way that we creatively use the internet, create and share content with family, friends and business contacts. Most of all, they inspire us to see the world in new and innovating ways.

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