A NEW Collection of NET ART Works on NEWHIVE

September 2016 – A collection of recent NEWHIVE generated works for your viewing experience. I love newhive. I can go on and on with those reasons but for now, I want to stress that these works above are completely url dependent. I have not made back ups or screen captures..if newhive dies, then the above works also die….. Hmmm, you murmur to yourself: “is this entirely true?” Who can answer this? How are the works archived? What risks are involved in this porcess?

The best way to see all of the newhive works I have made is via the slide show feature on the user’s feed.

Here is my feed url – https://newhive.com/ryanseslow/profile/feed – indulge.

short-link to this post – http:/ryanseslow.com/8clt4