Teaching & Art Education

I began teaching at the college level in the fall of 2004. I have recently been promoted to the rank of adjunct associate professor here in C.U.N.Y in NYC. I have been teaching various graduate and undergraduate courses simultaneously between 2 CUNY colleges and 2 private universities. My workload varies between 6-8 courses each semester & 2-3 courses over the summers. I love the daily variety, flexibility and opportunity to teach so many different types of courses and to share my passion for the inter-related subjects.

I am teaching studio courses in Digital Storytelling, Art Foundation 2D, 3D & 4D design, Computer Graphics, Graphic Design, Web Design 1 & 2, Art Appreciation, Sculpture (intro & intermediate) Drawing, MFA Seminar, Graduate Design, Graduate New Media in Art, Creative Concepts, MFA Thesis: Criticism in Art & The History & Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti. (A 3 credit NY state accredited course that I proudly created in 2010) I also mentor and advise both graduate and undergraduate students at various stages of their BA, BFA, MA & MFA degree programs.

I am always excited to experiment and apply web tools such as wordpress, brackets, newhive, tumblr and instagram as platforms for teaching (just to name a few.) These platforms are readily used for multiple forms of communication, displaying and archiving student works, creating research materials and projects. The course websites are also used for reflective writing, reactions, discussions and notifications about course content. The websites and blogs are indeed varied. Some are currently in their infancy and some of them have expanded ten times beyond my expectations. They grow, update and change regularly. They are measured and assessed each year to show the individual and collective developments of the course. Students simultaneously learn how to build, augment and navigate the platforms and tools in the process while contributing and developing their own visual online identities. In essence, we empower and support each other to create and illustrate our own learning process. One that can easily be referred to, expanded upon and shared with others.

How do these collaborative experiences foster continued learning? The process allows for us to publicly archive and continue to contribute to our class content after the traditional 15 week semester ends. It is my intention to generate and facilitate ongoing networks beyond the traditional classroom for my students. Classes may end in the physical space after 15 weeks but with today’s available technology the learning and participation continues on indefinitely.

Courses Taught with Blogs & Websites:

CUNY York College – CT 101- Digital Storytelling with Prof. Michael Branson Smith – Ongoing since 2014 – http://ct101.us/

CUNY York College – Web 1 & 2 – Fall 2016 – http://web1n2.com

Iona College – Art Appreciation – NewHive Platform – Fall 2016 – http://newhive.com/artappiona/profile/feed

The Alternative School (Formerly changed from: Black Mountain School) – GIF Course – Summer 2016 – http://bmsgifcourse.com

LIU Post – The History & Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti – 2011 – 2016 – https://www.ryanseslow.com/teaching-2/

Multi College Project – The GIF the Portrait Project – Ongoing / Fall 2012 – http://giftheportrait.tumblr.com/

CUNY – NET ART Course website on the CUNY Academic Commons – https://netart.commons.gc.cuny.edu/

LIU Post – New Media in Art/ MFA/MA – 2013 – 2017 – http://art642.com

LIU Post ART 550 – Art Criticism for Artists & Creative Concepts – MFA / MA Graduate  – http://art550art503liupost.wordpress.com/

LIU Post – New Media in Art/ MFA/MA – Spring of 2013 –  http://liupostart517art642.tumblr.com/

LIU Post – ART517 Graduate Design / Spring 2013 – http://graddesignliu.wordpress.com/

Sculpture 1 – Iona College – Fall 2013 Semester  – http://ionasculpture.tumblr.com/

LIU Post – MFA Graduate Seminar Blog / Fall 2012- http://liumfaseminar.wordpress.com/about