Further Collabs with Adam Void

June 2017 :: Updated

I recently generated a new presentation method of displaying a body of Video Art pieces Adam Void and I created in 2014 & 2015. The pieces were created remotely over the internet through a shared dropbox folder. We riffed and remixed each others pieces. We spliced together fragments of experimental sequences and various video formats to extend and tell and re-tell each others stories.

Textures were discovered, repeated and applied until an aesthetic was identified as a pattern. The pattern was then broken and the cycle began again. We both enjoyed the process so much that we later applied some of the video works into animated GIFS.

(We are making more.)

We are back at it with a few new pieces in the works. Video Art to animated GIF to micro film? We shall see. Stay tuned, and for now enjoy the piece below. It was generated using newhive. In fact, this piece is co-dependent on the unique URL newhive gave it to function in the integrity it was created in. The piece is responsive here in this blog post, however it may be wonky in your mobile device so please recheck it on your laptop or desktop later tonight.

The beauty of the format above is that the viewer must activate the videos. You must press the play button. You can play all three videos at once. This will mean that you have decided to generate a three-channel series of sequences that play simultaneously while the background GIF loops and the small title animations also repeat and repeat and repeat…

How much control do you want as the viewer of this experience? What are you willing to settle for?

More to come.