A Pixels & Glitch Collage for the Summer ART642 Collab Zine

The Final Days of June 2017

The three images above are re-manipulated digital print media collage iterations made from a few of my drawings, paintings and screen prints. They have been through a rigorous series of photographing and rephotographing using many different cameras and manual filters. Manual filters meaning, the use of different screen captures and recaptures. This process helps degenerate the image and give it a grainy and time effected aesthetic. The images are then printed with various printers. Some of the printers are older and quite outdated, while others are modern and laser based.

Cut and arrange, document and glue. There is a great permanence to the gluing process, it is decision that I love to make. Once the decision is final, I can move on and make more…and more…and more.

I included these pieces in a recent collaboration with my summer ART642 class zine and online exhibition, check out the link below.

View the Digital ZINE Exhibition here!