Transparently Rebranding & Integrating the Expanding Multi-You!

Welcome to the Rebranding and Expanding process of Ryan Seslow Art & Design LLC! At this time, you are going to witness several changes to this website!

Of course, I will continue to share my art work, projects & exhibitions.
Of course, I will continue to share my college & university teaching experiences .

What you will notice most is that I will now be putting an emphasis on my Graphic Design business, client work, portfolios and how I run my business.

Ryan Seslow Art & Design LLC offers the following services:

Graphic Design – Logo design, branding and identity, posters, flyers, postcards, animated GIFs, advertisements and stationary for both print production & the web.

Web Design – I love WordPress and building self-hosted WordPress websites and blogs. I also love to code and create custom websites.

Illustration – Illustrations for all occasions! Do you need vector graphics, graphic assets, digital illustration, or a custom image to communicate your message? Of course I love to work manually too. This includes drawing, painting, collage & printmaking techniques in silk screen & rubber stamping.

Digital Marketing – Content creation, development, blogging, e-mail marketing, social media & digital storytelling.

Private Teaching & Mentorship – One on one studio visits or video chat sessions. We all need a mentor or a coach at times to move forward. I can help.

Presentations & Speaking – I love to give talks and presentations about my work, teaching, business and the creative human potential! Would you like me to come to your school, office, college or university? Lets connect!

Do you have a custom request or project that you don’t see here? Lets Talk! Contact me here.

What about this blog post title? “Transparently Rebranding & Integrating the Expanding Multi-You!” Transparency is about being clear and sharing. Rebranding is about reinventing, restarting and relaunching. Integrating is about learning and applying new knowledge and experiences! Expanding is about the growth of becoming more (I mean this metaphorically applied to the personal development one may experience over time) When we put this all together, we can see ourselves as the brilliant consciously aware Multi-Expanding beings that we are.

I believe that I have become more and more transparent over the last few years. I am grateful to do a variety of different things that I really love to do each day. I must admit, I have always felt that there was a missing component to how these various things assimilated themselves in person and onto the web. This blog post is both a validation and a promise in public to continue the expansion of transparency and the sharing of more and more use value.

How may I serve you?

My intention with the new website mission is to display and share the synthesis of my daily life activities as a college professor of art and design, a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator and as an artist obsessed with process and experimentation. (Especially with digital art and its application on the Internet.) After many years of keeping these things all relatively separate I have come to realize how silly that is…

Bringing these things together are precisely what make up my brand and business. That’s right, I said brand and business. Im happy to share and be an example by placing my personal twist on things.

In August of 2014 I wrote a little pdf. book titled “150 Ideas to Earn Income as an Artist & Graphic Designer”. It was first planned to be a 30-day case study that would allow me to further empower and help my students to generate business opportunities for themselves while they were still in school. I first applied the 30-day exercise on myself and realized very quickly that we do by all means help ourselves by helping others. Use value can be measured and applied in so many ways, but it first starts in the service of our own personal development and awareness of being instruments of service to our fellow human beings. The book helped me launch Ryan Seslow Art & Design LLC. I will be sharing a ton of the book’s information here too.

Forward Motion.

Feel free to reach out and Contact me here.