It started in late August, 2017 and the creative inspiration for this series continues to strike again! The continued tension between the applied and digital, the redefinition of the studio and the immediacy of the moment rages through!

This is a series of new digital portrait arrangements created using illustrator, however, some of them were not created in illustrator. Three of them were created purely on my iphone using the assembly app. Can you tell which ones are the mobile piece? Perhaps this series will build and expand beyond its intention of 6-9 new images. Perhaps this series of digital portraits will later be painted using oil paint or acrylic, or both. Perhaps I will re-draw them and shade them in values of grey? Either way, they are bringing awareness to help celebrate the many shapes, forms and expressions that make up the changes we see in ourselves over time. Some reflect on the past, some on the future, and some are purely fictional and narrative. These pieces are created using vectors, they are not raster images so they can be enlarged and reduced to great scalable contrasts. Let us see where it goes.

Commissions will be accepted using this style. Would you like to see your expanding self in a unique abstract digital portrait? Feel free to reach out via the contact form here.