I learned something valuable about time and ideas from melting ice. Yes, time and melting ice, in relationship to our ideas. OK, so I think in metaphors, it’s a creative way for me to connect to things and retain them. Are you wasting time with creative ideas that you have? Putting off your ideas for tomorrow, or the weekend, or how about when you have time over the summer? Take immediate action on your ideas my friends. Don’t let creative ideas or energies leave your first impressions or intuitions. If you do, they just may get slurped up into the great abyss of your everyday busy busy-ness. Not only that, someone else will take action on a variation of your idea and you may walk right into. The feeling that you feel when you do experience that is a nice way that the universe says; “we tried to tell you!” We all share the same energies on this planet, so believe me, creative energy and ideas will find the right person who is the most ready to take action on them. There is no shortage of ideas, creativity or variety by any means. There is enough room on this wonderful planet for everyones spin on anything that already exists! Well, this certainly doesn’t mean those ideas will be acted upon! Who do you want to be?

If you fail to take action on creative insights and intuitions, they may just be gone forever, fallen victim to the ego’s plan to distract you. The ego is very good at this! Like I said, you may later find your same idea has been implemented by someone else in another state, country or on another continent only to find the success it is achieving as a work of art, a business, product, organization or service. I have jumped out of bed at 4:00 AM on many nights just to take action on ideas that have hit me in dreams. I know that this may seem extreme, but what follows after the action has been taken will solidify your understanding and need to develop that “something”. This “something” is always charged with excitement. Inspiration comes and goes just as fast as it arrives, so the awareness of this immediacy is necessary. Plus, this is a great habit to form. It is a form of practice for the brain as we do co-create our behaviors (very consciously and also utterly unconsciously.) I do feel that if initial action is taken at “that inspired nudge” it may be a day later, or even a week or two, but the next piece of the puzzle will then present itself, and you will say YES to it when it arrives because you are literally waiting for it.

Action taking can be executed in several small ways. You may simply write down your inspired energy, idea, or nudge. This solidifies your awareness of it, it has been transferred from the non-physical, to the physical and tangible. You may call or talk to and friend, spouse, or colleague to discuss your idea, or you may create a blog post about it! The creative process really excites me. The fact that we create tangible things out of ideas, feelings, inner nudges, or philosophies (those things are all non physical) seems like magic. I never take that for granted. Instead, I’m aware of that. You are your creative potential, you are your memory bank of infinite ideas. Allow them in, and follow their lead!

The image above was created all in about 2 minutes time. An artist was removing a show from the gallery space in the building where I teach here in NY. Upon walking into the building, I noticed these fantastic icicles hanging very low off of the buildings roof. I simply reached up and grabbed one to inspect it, and carried it with me inside. I was intrigued and I had a “hunch”. I noticed an empty shelf like pedestal and placed the icicle onto it. The whole gallery was now empty, except for this organic element that was now transcending its energy. Its transformation could be measured only with a quick photograph. All I had with me was an outdated video camera with no capabilities to take a snap shot. I had to record a few seconds and then grab a screen shot. The light was poor in the space but I knew I needed to grab a shot either way. The image was my reminder. Within 20 minutes the ice obviously was no longer solid, it had become fluid knowing that it will return back to no-thing. It was gone. Water for a while and then evaporated…I found a great metaphor in this. Later, when I looked at the photo, it became a reminder of the action that I took so I keep the image handy. Grainy, dark, and all. So, if and when I find myself needing a reminder to take action on things before they melt away, this image has become one of my best resources.

Time moves on with our with out our participation, I chose awareness.