“Handstylin’ with my Friends” 2018, is a short animation made in adobe after effects. The animation was made with the intention of publishing and posting it to Instagram, which automatically loops the videos that are posted there. I suppose we can call that conversion an animated GIF. I have learned that after effects is not a great outlet for working with audio. Im still investigating this but found that software like adobe premier or even iMovie is a faster more efficient method to produce a short with audio. I wanted to share how easy it is to place and embed the various media outputs and fragments generated in this process. Here they are.

Check out the looping animated version with sound via instagram below:

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I decided to extract to few static frames from the original animation. One may think this would be done first as graphic assets are created, but I tend to work in reverse. Layers are created, built and generated for the animation itself, however, in my process I tend to discover the stills I like after I make the moving piece. This leads to more image-making. These pieces are indeed works of digital art. Most of these works are colorful, balanced compositions of surreal fictional situations. Sometimes the intention is simply to humor the viewer and show the lighter side of life with a bit of silliness.