The Gratification of Digital Storytelling Immediacy

On a fine wintery morning in early March of 2018 I took expressive action!

I had to. (I promise I took this photo from a red light) As a digital storyteller, this is my duty right?!

Here is the published outcome taken from Instagram below , and this was my series of steps:

Realize the impulse, feel, express, broadcast, reflect and further express and assert, publish again.

“One of those strange surreal wintery commutes. When the anticipation of delays and slow motion gnaws away at your thought projection. However to the however, something told me to avoid the train and drive. To my surprise, everyone else must have done the opposite. Door to door in 23 minutes, magically seamless and visually quite beautiful. Timelessness and stillness were the co-pilots, both present as I happily listened to Murakami’s “Dance, Dance, Dance” on audiobook. (Thank you @port.manteaux for the suggestion!)”

We are all digital storytellers really, but some of us don’t think of our day to day snippets of experiences as worthy stories to tell. Sadly, this is so far from the truth! We are all humans sharing the same card catalog of emotions, feelings, sentiments and urges. We ALL share so many of the same exact day to day “things”. Illustrating these daily life activities in short bursts of expressions shines the wonderful inter-connectedness and reminder we always need.

I love teaching my CT101 Digital Storytelling course at CUNY York College here in NYC. As the fearless leader of the course I need to lead by example and continue to share the regular practice of Digital Storytelling! Today was the perfect opportunity for me to weigh in.

A digital storyteller uses the Internet and its tools as a platform to share, teach, express and connect! An image, a video, a meme or a GIF can be used as a visual source of communication to support your sentiments and means of expression. Hyperlink to relevant spaces on the web to further communicate and share!

Give us context and publish!

Most of all, have fun!