Metrics of Contrast

Things Im Learning on the Journey

That “thing” that you want to be, do, have or learn…yup, that one.

That thing that you have been talking about doing, becoming or having for the last (insert the number of years here) years but have not yet done…

That thing. What is it that holds you back?

If you said anything or anyone other than YOU, we are going to need to chat!

Here is a tip I have learned, over and over in fact! 

Get started by simply doing “something”. 

Until you take that one step forward and produce some kind of visual or tangible result you do not have a contrast and metric outside of what someone else has done in the “thing” that you also want to be, do or have. If someone else’s example is your metric then that is precisely what is stopping you. Especially if you are using an example from someone else’s 20 years of hard work! How can we compete with that? You cant. 

You are comparing yourself to someone else and this will never help you move forward. It will only bring more examples to compete with…

So, DO “something” and work forward from that result. No matter how small it is, it will be your stepping stone. 

Drop the ego, and get to work!