The noticing…

I know that you know exactly what “noticing” I am speaking of.

The most inner stillness, at the most silent moment regardless of any external chaos.

This awareness comes from a version of you that is always trying to get your attention long enough to point the way.

Does it though?

Although on very deep level there has always been a lingering knowingness present. It alludes most of the daily routines, habits and subtleties that are driven by the ego.

Change is calling. The unknown awaits, and you are much more than you thought you were. This too, is a lingering knowingness.

Even unrealized perceptions of who we once thought we were supposed to become can become an outdated skewed reality that we greatly need to shed.

We all know it.

Sometimes, an actual ritual or intervention needs to take place to activate the change cycle. It may be via a dream, or a meditation, or by hearing a story. Even a week in bed with the flu can be the catalyst..

Change is a fierce motivator and also a fierce resistor.

In-between this dichotomy, which is an energy in and of itself, picture yourself in a room made out of light with no windows but only two doorways facing each other. You stand directly in the space between both doors. One door reads Change and the other reads Resist. As you stand there in the center you notice that an umbilical cord is attached to yourself and both doors. The umbilical cord is sensory and reacts and responds to each thought and memory that you revisit about your past as it sends a charge to both chords that light up and vibrate the doors. That charge opens both doors, but just a little bit.

You feel torn because you are both physical and spiritual. The physical body has a complex cellular memory that also has a memory and database of its own. It is guarded by a thick wall of past hurts and post traumatic stress situations, events and circumstances.

It is this skin of remembrance that slows the processes of change. To a great degree many of these past memories are unconsciously lingering.

How will you open the door to change, growth and your becoming self of higher awareness?

I believe the first step is to allow yourself to say and feel, I am a ready for change. I am the new experiences and I welcome them to come into my life…