Deaf Awareness Month 2018 – Animated Expressions & More

Today is the last day of Deaf awareness month 2018. I have learned so much and met some really amazing people! (I will write a full re-cap on this soon) The hashtags for Deaf Awareness Month on both Instagram and Twitter have provided great resources for following along. This is only the beginning though, there is much work to do in bringing more accessibility and awareness to the public. Plus, Im learning more about what my role is especially as an educator working with mostly hearing people at the college level. I know that I can help by being and instrument to “bridge” us together in the classroom and far beyond. Im proud to be a part of the Deaf community and using my art as a medium for change and awareness. This new series of animations and illustrations are both expressions of Deaf and HofH culture as well as reminders and activation portals that everyone can learn ASL, share and participate. There are many degrees and spectrums of being Deaf and hard of hearing (HofH), and what that means for each person. These stories need be told, shared and encouraged. Communication can be frustrating and challenging each and every day for Deaf and HofH people. Every day it is different, and every place and space and degree of noise can greatly effect how and what a Deaf or HofH person may experience. People need to be aware of this, be sensitive to this, and take notice.

Much more to come. Please scroll down to check out the animations and digital illustrations. I would really love your feedback, advisement, resources and any related expressions! Please feel free to share this and also check out my exhibition link at the bottom of the post.


This past summer of 2018 I released the first iteration of an ongoing Exhibition of new art works works titled:

Communicating My Deaf & Hard of Hearing Self

This is my first series of art works produced examining and identifying as a Deaf and Hard of Hearing person. It has been a long road. This body of work is the first in a multi-part series with supporting written explanations broken down into individual blog posts. I encourage you to view the gallery of digital and animated art works first and then delve into the individual blog posts for deeper context.

All of the pieces have been created in 2018 and consist of Digital Illustrations, Collage, Animated GIFs & Video Art. Fragments of manipulated grainy images and re-compositions display the variation and extension of each piece. The works are visual representations for the regular distortions, missing of sounds, words and overall communication I experience daily. They represent how I feel, react, overcompensate and adjust to communication in various interactions. They are intended to be both subtle, confusing and difficult to follow. “Communicating My Deaf & Hard of Hearing Self – Part 1” is the first installation in the series. It is first published here on my website and shared via my social media platforms. I am seeking to extend this body of work into a series of physical exhibitions and a lecture series for both the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and the Hearing world.

Click the Image below to view the Exhibition.