I recently found an old picture that I took from Corona Park in NYC. You know the one, where the old World’s Fair used to be? Yes, that one with the big metal globe sculpture of the world and the parachute drop pads. Upon finding the image, and it was a really grainy image of bad quality, or wait, was it? It was this exact grainy analog quality that got me thinking about playing with the image in a new context. I asked myself, who am I in relationship to this image now? Of course this simple idea can be used and applied as a digital storytelling assignment for my CT101 class. I thought about it but forgot to implement it this past term. It will have have to wait until this coming spring semester of 2019, which is now by the way. All of the animations and static illustrations below were created using adobe photoshop. The idea of breathing new life into an old image is exciting. Especially if you were actually standing in the spot of the images capturing origin. There is a sentiment to it. We can cause the reactivation of the dormant senses and Wah-lah, a trip down memory lane begins. But, it is now with the person that one is at the moment. Perhaps one can relive those sentiments through new eyes and also expand upon them through a visual story. A remix can go a long way in kick starting creativity. Check out some of the results below. Notice anything strange about the image?