Here we are at the commencement of yet another super productive semester! The ART642 students have once again produced a wonderful body of exciting works! Indeed, they are fully viewable and forever archived on the website. From day one, it has been my ambition to create a resource and repository of inspiration around learning new skills with digital tools. This includes myriads of hardware, software, devices, applications and the experience of creating new media art forms. Aside from the posterity and archive-ability of the website we continue to explore new ways to share and make our work accessible to the public.

The collaboration zine of spring 2019 will soon become a permanent part of the NYPL’s public ZINE collection. I will present it to them on behalf of our class. It will be catalogued and accessible by early August 2019. The NYPL’s Zine collection is located at their 5th Avenue & 42nd Street location – DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building 

This means that the zine can be taken out and read / experienced in the library location itself, sent and inter-loaned to other NYPL locations and also found via their online search engine under ART642.

The assignment details are here (with some tips and inspiration)