Well well, there are now over 10 drafts / “posts in progress” in my que for new blog posts to be published on this domain. The last post was published on April 20th-ish 2020 or something.. A lot has happened in between, a lot, you know it, we all know it. There is a lot to discuss, and there is a lot that needs to change in this world. Here I am beginning again, but thinking where do I want to re-begin? I think that I will just keep it simple and allow for this post to serve as a kick in the ass to get those pending drafts published and to reclaim this domain. THIS domain, my domain, the one place here on the Internet where I have the full ability to create, publish, share, advocate, promote, support, help, build, experiment, discuss, amplify and so so much more. Let’s Go! 

Let’s Rebuild.

an animated gif of the artist, ryan seslow, a colorful and glitch like animation loops on

“Self-Portrait with a homemade Mask”, 2020, Animated GIF