an animated GIF titled "Reflective Metaphoric Flowers" displays a series of colorful flowers made up or lightbulbs and atom icons set against a flat graphic background. The animation loops on forever

Reflective Metaphoric Flowers, 2020, animated GIF

There is a silver lining, we are growing, there is so much to process and reflect upon, I feel like Im the slowest at this part…

It is the greatest contrasting time of all of our lives. It’s been hard. We all want to plant new seeds and yet also go back to our old lives, painfully so..

It feels like we are standing on a cliff of hope and we get too close to the edge and take a step back, again..

Here are some flowers of growth, a reflection in the mirror, the growth of our world 🌎 energy and new ideas 💡 in a looping metaphor of seamless creative potential.