Another Soundless City

Another Soundless City, 2021, Animated Video – Edition 1/1 – Acquired by the Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA)


Another Soundless City is a new animated video that expresses another day in the soundless cities of overstimulated, multi-fragmented scenarios of visual grit. The video was made to simulate variations of our collective transit experiences and uses various mobile and desktop tools to produce the outcome. Mobile art making tools allow for one to be very immediate with generating ideas, creating and applying fragments and then bring them all together. The three vertical channels that make up the background of the composition create the overall setting of the city with colorful and grainy textures. But which city are we talking about? Who’s city? The word “city” is not being used literally and or objectively, but as a series of snippets and actions to display what may be both appreciated and taken for granted. As a deaf person my city is mostly soundless and converted to vibrations. Hearing aids only amplify a distorted synthetic series of bass-less garble in my experience, I do not prefer that. This animated video is meant to loop when it is displayed and functions best on a large horizontal monitor played with out any other distracting audio.