New Work Release!

Welcome to the week of August 29th – September 5th 2021!

I’m excited to release a new 2-part 1/1 edition series consisting of a digital illustration and animated GIF. The drops will be available on SuperRare. Both pieces will be minted as a 1/1 edition NFT. These pieces are indeed Super Rare! Behold below, here are the first two, the character is accompanied by a static portrait and an animated GIF that gives context to some of the character’s narrative and functionality. There is a growing story behind each character, lets scroll down and see below..

BOT-CNSCSNSS-001, 2021, Digital Illustration, 1/1 edition

“BOT-CNSCSNSS-001” is the first biological humanoid robot ever to be tested with artificial intelligence that attempts to install and apply “human emotions and consciousness” into the prototypes. The experiments have obviously been tightly classified from the public but there have been a few leaks.. This body of work began revolving around the leaked information that has surfaced.. The color palette seems to also pay homage to the VaporWave aesthetic.. but this has not been officially verified.

BOT-CNSCSNSS-001, 2021, Animated GIF, 1/1 edition

Available NOW here

A looping animation was created to share the extensiveness of the experiment’s production line of the BOT’s automation process. The operation works 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.. Although the body armor appears to be rigid and angular, it is claimed to be fluid and much more flesh like. There are oh so many metaphors here, and the lucky collector(s) will soon emerge!