Another Landscape – New Work Expands

“Another Landscape” 2021, 1/1 edition – Digital Illustration

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(Now, please click the image above to expand an isolated and larger size – go ahead, zoom in, it is 100% necessary to see the detail in the figure in the foreground of the image.. its a new style that is taking shape in my work)

In the illustration above we can see a series of both representational and subjective elements arranged (as the graphic assets that they are) come together in yet another world of fictional reality. Or is it? Perhaps its another metaphor that speaks to you about an answer that you have been searching for? In a recent tweet (or see below) I shared a part of my creation process on this new body of work. I’m really excited about it because it once again introduces the further stylization of my work. Sometimes, when we are deep in the process of growth and transformation we don’t “see” the examples that are right in front of us. Even if we “make” those things, like art. Sometimes the pieces and parts, or fragments present themselves and develop in reverse order. Much like the GIF below. At first I did not see the potential of it being the “setting for a landscape”, or for a “situation or circumstance” to take place, but it was indeed! As a part of my animation process I often make several “snap-shot” still frames that can loop or function well compositionally as stand-alone illustrations. No matter how one may cut it, its all spiritual work. I hope you enjoy the narrative and interpretation process. Please share in the comments below or tweet it out to me here.


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