“The Legacy & Preservation of an Original Idea”

2021, Digital Illustration & Animated GIF

A series of two – 1/1 Edition art-works, 1 animated and 1 static..

Now Available on SuperRare!

1. The Legacy – The Forever Animated Loop of the Ego.. <– go here now to view on SuperRare

2. The Preserved – The Forever Static Preservation of the Ego <– go here now to view on SuperRare

The concept of the artwork is derived from our ego-centric human thinking..  

We all want to believe that our individual “ideas” are original, unique and new.. We want to leave a legacy here on this planet.. and we want to make this happen over and over again. We want to believe that we are unique but also a part of the oneness of this world. We grapple with this, especially as artists. Deep down, we know the truth, that all ideas are built by an energetic collective continuum of the creative human potential.. everything is a remix. This series aims to capture the illusion of this statement as a single idea, contained and persevered both static and looped, living on forever..

The Legacy & Preservation of an Original Idea, The Legacy, 1/1 Edition, 2021, Animated GIF

The Legacy & Preservation of an Original Idea,The Preserved,  1/1 Edition, 2021, Digital Illustration