A 30-Day Blogging Challenge, You Say?

Oh yes, you did read that properly, Im getting ready to commit myself to a new 30-day blogging challenge here on ryanseslow.com.

Hold your horses, this will likely begin after the new year and the holidays. Even though my ego thinks it can start right now, the reality is, finals are beginning and my clients want things completed before the end of the year, naturally. Im practical, and I think by publishing this now it will help me plan ahead and get excited about things. I want to write more about my work, process, share class tutorials and continue to build an archive for it all here. I want to add more value for my audience and the visitors that find this website via the web or search queries. 

“The Sallow Desert of 2022” Digital Illustration


Well, what’s the purpose, you may ask?


My ego shouts out… perhaps that is part of it, but it’s more about practice, focus, discipline and a commitment to writing and storytelling more here on my own website.

It is all too easy to create content purely for social media and do battle with the algorithms hoping things get distributed to your following peeps.

Things have changed drastically on that front. Yes, I know, and agree, most of the attention of people these days is hyper focused on social media.. but I find myself loosing interest more and more. Especially in the UX/UI aspect, the endless advertising and the users jockeying to jockey each other.. Im not interested in randomly consuming and endlessly scrolling. I want to make, create and share but want to have more control over where and how it gets presented and archived.

I’ll focus more on my website this coming year of 2023.

A post a day for 30 days will create a positive habit and a new style of how and what the creative potentials of 2023 can be.

More to come!