A New Digital Drawing Study

I have been using adobe Fresco as a drawing tool companion for about 1.5 years now. I have to say, I really love it. I know that I have mentioned that here before but here I am sharing another sentiment. The drawing below is purely digital. This will likely be the reference that I will use to create my next acrylic painting. Are you doing something similar with your own work? Of course I could always sketch out the composition on the canvas like I have for over 40 years, but, this process is just so much fun. Once Im happy with the outcome I can then bring the image into adobe illustrator to vectorize the image. The vectorized image has a nice feel, scroll down below ­čÖé

The drawing below has been vectorized with 16 colors in Adobe Illustrator. We ALL love this feature for vectorizing artwork, (that includes you) especially if you are looking to “flatten” things. This helps me mix and create color palettes and “see” the shapes and forms as they will closely appear in my painting. The vector graphic file itself has so many potential uses as well. Hmm, perhaps I should make a print edition?

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