Unlocking Your Expressive Potential: Embracing Spirituality, Creativity and Imagination

Are aspects of spirituality, creativity, imagination and your creative potential inter-related? Could this be an activating, action taking formula that you have been waiting for?

First things first, let’s get clear on spirituality and define it:

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is NOT just an association with any one type of religion or philosophy. One must understand this. Spirituality manifests itself through many variations of life. Spirituality is an understanding that life expands from a certain inwardness. Upon the awareness of this inwardness, one knows there exists something from which we came and will one day return to. This understanding makes our hearts beat, it makes winter change effortlessly into spring. It is far move evolved than the limitations of our five physical senses. Spirituality is a personal relationship with one’s self in relationship to its perceived creator. Spirituality is an ongoing journey and learning experience from the inside out.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the action and ability to give tangible form to an idea, impulse or intuition. It can be a brand new idea, or it can be an extension of something that already exists. Creativity can change the context of something in a new and innovating way. Please understand that all creativity begins inside of us. It starts out as all things do, as an energy, a thought, it starts out as a non physical thing. This non physical energy is spiritual. It comes to us from the infinite source of supply. Some call this God, some call it the divine, some call it the universe, some simply call it universal omnipotence.

Creativity’s desire is your desire and need of physical expression.

Creativity can be expressed infinitely, it should not be limited to any one discipline of expression.

What is the Imagination?

The Imagination is one’s ability to perceive, intuitively sense, form ideas, create mental images and sensations of potential things and or events. These experiences could be directly related to ones own life and or the lives of others. The imagination is infinite, it is the storehouse of all potential perceptions that can become reality. Everything tangible begins in one’s imagination.

What is our Creative Human Potential?

It is the certainty and capacity for one’s creative and imaginative intentions coming into physical being. There is an inner likeliness of the expected mental image and feeling associated to it to become and be. It is my pleasure and goal to take concepts of creativity, imagination, spirituality and the overall human potential, to make them accessible and understandably applicable for everyone. These concepts play a role in the shaping of our reality as we know it. Our thoughts affect our bodies just as they affect our physical world.

So, how are you currently creating your experiences?

Spiritual Awareness + Imagination = Creativity.

Creativity is the Desire of Self Expression.

Self Expression + Your Creative Potential = An Innovative Injunction (The experience and all of the content involved to make it happen.)

I am asking you to consider this above by applying your individual interpretation of these terms for growth. By researching more information on your own, you will be led to find the content that you resonate with. We are here to co-create our physical reality, this makes us responsible for creating the manuals for our own lives.