The Best of 2011

Essay 12/29/11 “Something New to Dictate the Habitual.”

We all love the fact that we need to control things. It’s a part of our human make up. Every so often, I feel that it is important to let ourselves “go a bit” as a result of that. Go, meaning, allow for something new to dictate to the habitual way that we do things. In this case…..

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Essay 12/25/11 “Thoughts on Content, Materiality, & Video Art.”

The choices made upon selecting content and materiality are endless, profound and simply brilliant! Especially when a breakthrough has been made, materials communicate meaning…..

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Essay 12/24/11 “Something about Method and Procedure.”

As an artist, I have learned that method and procedure must never cease. Our general knowledge of materiality can go deeper than we may have ever known, but we have to allow for it. I spend more than 10 hours each week …

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 Essay 12/22/11:: Stretching ideas for new works. 

What could, or might happen? This is a good question that I like to begin with when creating new works. The image here is based on a tiny photographic reference that I found on the street while living in Antwerp, Belgium for a month 2 years ago.

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ryan seslow

Essay:: 12/17/11 “Keeping a digital image idea archive is useful, here’s why.” 

Artists and creatives, how do you keep track of all of your ideas? How do you record and document your works in progress? What about a concise record of all of your completed works? How about all of those endless brainstorms and idea fragments that are so quickly lost if you do not record them in some way shape or form? …



Essay:: 12/15/11 “A relationship with Immediacy, the Unconscious, & Drawing.”

This drawing took about 2 hours to execute. It’s a nice reminder for me. It’s yet another tangible example…

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Essay 12/12/2011: “What I learned from Melting Ice.” 

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Essay 12/8/11:: “How to transplant your Energy into others through Story-telling.

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Imagination, is derived from the word, Imagine.

Insight 12/5/2011 : Imagination, is derived from the word Imagine.

This means, the faculty or power of the mind “to actually imagine”. To imagine, means to form an image in the mind. An “image” means, a likeness, a picture, a representation, a copy, or an appearance. More briefly, IMAGINATION IS SCIENTIFICALLY DEFINED AS THE FACULTY OF FORMING AN IMAGE.


Essay 12/2/2011 : “Insights on Form”-

I stand before something ancient today, the structure is aesthetically beautiful, but I have a hard time getting my head around it. There are several other structures like it, some older, some younger.

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Essay 11/28/2011: “On drawing and seeing, more.”

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