Art Work of the Month February 2013

I have been wanting to contextually experiment more with my painting and collage work in new formats that synthesize the use of technology. I have a great love for computers, software, video, and graphics. Slowly but surely I am watching more and more of my teaching implement and upgrade to the use and application of technology in the classroom. It’s happening right under my nose, gracefully. Aside from posting new works onto my blog I have been a user and sharing my video art and experimental film works to dailymotion since 2005. They have a great platform, and their motiomaker program is full of fantastic work by a ton of fantastic artists. Check out my profile page here::

The video above is about the energy that I feel when I am making my work. It seems natural to want to speak about it enthusiastically, and to share it with that same feeling. This video in all of its immediacy is intended to do that. I am a born and raised New Yorker, its a subject and energy that I keep coming back to. Its a stigma, and one that I resonate with. I have taken a series of fragments from variations of my work both older and newer. Some are paintings and collages that have been turned into animated GIFs that have been video taped and re-manipulated. The spoken word came in a flash after watching the first cut of the video. It was spontaneous and immediate. This is a feeling that I get from being in a city, not only New York, but the many cities here in the US and abroad. I verbally narrated this piece with a voice over. The sound is raw with out any tweaking.

You can follow along with the text here:

“Energy is felt, and energy is heard, energy is taken and energy’s the word. Inspiration it seems like a ton of the dreams, the dream, between, the inside the outside, full of the movement, the motions the actions. Inflate it, we fill it, we spread it and bill it. Much like a train, or the speed of ideas, the ever so brilliant flash of ideas, some call it concept, some call it fire, we are seeking a space or many to admire. Ways and words, we draw it we paint it, we taint it we fake it,. Maybe we don’t but maybe we do, it all will get shared through the me and the you. I feel it in New York and we feel it abroad we feel it inside and it falls to the floor, the ground the town the walls and the ceiling, interior exterior inferior no less, sensation potential, suggest influential a domain of retained concluding          I am.”


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