The Awareness of Happiness.

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Happy New Year!

“The Awareness of Happiness as Choice” was going to be the title of this blog post but I changed my mind as I first want to better define what I mean. I believe it is important to define who I am in relationship to understanding awareness, choice  and happiness as words that I am applying everyday. This is a theory based on my own personal experiences and also something that one can only do from with in on his or her own. I have discovered that this blog is an ever changing and evolving body of work. It serves as a place for me to express myself about the things that I love and am passionate about. It is a categorized growing archive, and an open community for anyone who wishes to share and contribute. As an artist, I share my work, projects, collaborations and the process of how I create art. As an art educator and a professor I share my research, course projects and views on art education. I have come to realize that I have been with holding here. There has been a key missing element over the last five years of consciously blogging on this platform. I have a deep interest and connection to the development of human awareness, spirituality, wellness and behavior. I am also passionate about helping others become self aware, self actualized, and confident to apply their authenticity into the world. I have posted a few things from time to time, but not to the extent of which that I live my day to day life. So, it is time to do this here on a regular basis. Will I loose the audience I have cultivated over the last five years? I’m not worried about that anymore as my higher self knows that authenticity is about being truthful with one’s self.   If we are withholding, I believe that we train our universe not to trust us, and that leads to only more experiences of dis-trust in ourselves.

I have learned that everything we want to be, do or have is directly connected to what feeling it will give us. That’s right, the feeling. Not what we “think” will happen to us once we obtain any “thing.” The feeling itself is a natural one, it is our happiness. In 2014, become aware of how you feel in relationship to the things you are aspiring to. Be aware that you can cultivate this inner feeling BEFORE that “thing” comes to be, in fact, this is precisely the way I believe things manifest. Much more to come on this.



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