An Animated GIF Exhibition in a Blog Post


This blog post is an online exhibition that will exist forever. Even if this link breaks or becomes corrupted, the data will live on. It can be encoded, encrypted, hacked and easily reconfigured. It is vulnerable. You are officially invited to the exhibition. How does that make you feel? As you view the works below, do you feel the same way that you would normally feel in a physical space? You have complete control over how long you will stay and look. Maybe you will abandon the show right now. Your brain is certainly used to experiencing art in a certain way, the way that you have trained it to do so. Have you ever experienced an exhibition in a single blog post before? It is very intimate isn’t it? There is a first time for everything so please be careful as to what feelings and emotions you associate with this new experience. I would suggest that you fuel this experience with positive feelings and energetic emotions. I say this because as time progresses you will be experiencing many more online and virtual exhibitions like this one. Now that you are aware of this, you can expect to attract more of its kind. Read on and I will see you at the end of the show’s last GIF.


“Electronic Earth, NEWYAWK”


“Aerosol Spin”


“Cloud Cans”


“Portal 4”


“Aerosol Movement”


“The Letting Go of Default Thinking”


“Aerosol Dream”


 “Graffemera Soldier”


“Portal to Imagination”


“The Movement of Mindfulness”




“Kid Slow”


“Graffiti Dot Glitch”


“Kid Slow”




“Chaos of the Moon”




“5 Channel Narrative”


“TV Tempo”


“Electric B-Boy”


“Ghosts Forever”

All of the GIFs in this exhibition have been created while mobile, in transit and in between the movements of life. This is an attractive draw for me as an artist who always thought traditionally that art was created in a studio. As in, a specific physical space for art making. I do keep a physical studio, but the definition of this space has been forever redefined, hence this exhibition contributes to the continued process. If you are new to my GIF works then let me explain more about the process. My GIFs are extensions of physical works that have had a life before they were converted into animations. They were mostly static images taken from my drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints, collage, photos and some video art pieces. With mobile apps, an iphone and a laptop armed with photoshop, creating GIFs and animations have been the most natural and organic evolutions in my work. Sure, I like to also remix the work of existing content, but I’m much more interested in seeing my own work continue becoming. I am currently involved in several ongoing GIF and internet art related projects that I am really happy to share via my site.

I have been archiving a monthly GIF archive for 2 years.

You can browse the archive by month here::

I look forward to your feedback on the show. Please leave your comments below.

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