A Poster – New Icons, Logos & Vector Art III

November 2016

F U N.

The last few months have been filled with fun new client work. Yup, thats right, there is that key word; FUN. As I mentioned before, its hard not to become super inspired to generate new works of my own in the process…I mean, this is exactly what is supposed to happen right! When it does, I take action.

This graphic above is one of my favorite pieces of 2016. It sums up much of my everyday. These icons and symbols have meaning to me. They represent the choices I make each day, and where I participate and place my energies. What does your day look like in icons, symbols and graphics? Im going do this porject with my students in various courses, the outcomes will be great!

Are looking to hire a graphic designer to create vector graphics for your business, serivce or project? Feel free to reach out here.

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