NYC B-Boy Feels It –>#GIF

February 2017

Great fun. I really enjoy converting vector art illustrations into animations. This b-boy character needed to transcend into an animated loop. The background is our good friend, the NYC skyline, it was generated in adobe illustrator using mostly rectangle shapes and the pen tool. Its a useful and fun exercise to minimize representational images into basic shapes. This format supports a lot of the cool mobile application design trends that we see in the world. Working in illustrator is incredibly vast as the output is endless.The pencil tool also comes in handy for creating finer lines. I promise that I will soon upload a video tutorial on how these pieces are created, manipulated and applied to the web. The process is experimental and I am always seeking new ways to extend the works.

I have been working on the B-Boy / B-Girl series for quite a while, if you know my work, then you know it has been a long term theme of inspiration. These pieces are being created for the archive. Have yourself a visit to get the feel for the new site and how it functions as an online archive & ongoing exhibition. The purpose is to showcase “graffanimation” as a genre of works as they expand.