Above we see a series of colorful icons..or are they buttons? Perhaps they are logos? Or simply graphic assets or stickers? You can decide. Either way, I sure had a ton of fun making them on my iphone. Yup. I had heard about the Assembly app only a few weeks ago but finally got it downloaded and into test mode. Test mode meaning, designing while on the subway, or waiting for my turn at the dentist. You know, in between the in between times..One can immediately see the apps potential and abilities. The best part, the graphics are vectors with the ability to save as svg. and pdf. file formats. Yup, scalable and print ready. Am I saying that Im going to replace the traditional Adobe Illustrator Vector Giant with an iphone mobile app? Well, wow, this awareness is a game changer in terms of how much fun and how seamless the creation process is while on the go, especially with how well the finished pieces do integrate into illustrator and into this blog post.

Im working on a promotional poster next, so much more to come, I cant stop making things with the app!

Thanks so much Assembly!