Turning Vector Graphics into Digital Stickers – Part 1

As you well know by now, I love making art.

I also love experimenting with new digital techniques and sharing the process. I cant help it, Im a teacher and student at the same time! I got to thinking, what could be more fun than to see your creations converted into graphics that others can use, share and also enjoy? I have been working with, well, its more like creating and playing with the awesome Assembly app for iPhone to create the graphics above. Yup, an app. Meaning, Im creating the graphics pretty much anywhere and anytime I have a spare few minutes. The potentials are endless! Not only for the art itself, but also a redefinition of what the “studio” is. (like, literally, anywhere) I think that these images above hold up very well as graphics and characters all on their own. I feel that they can applied in many places, spaces and contexts. However, yes, However, I want to share them, animate them (you know Im GIF obsessed right!) and give them out as stickers.

Stickers! So, I will have to create the animations now, and then get them into Sticker format for easy sharing and application! A research project and tutorial in the works.

Im going to reach out to my friends at Giphy and Giphy Arts to see I can help create a tutorial on this process.

More soon on that! For now, I hope you like the Art!