“The Vibrational Violinist”

This illustration is based on an experience that I had this week.

A fine morning in Brooklyn, I arrived at Atlantic Terminal to take my off peak train. At this early AM hour a super passionate gentleman named Tom (sadly Im forgetting his last name but Im sure Ill see him again) was playing his violin for the public as they too awaited their morning commutes. We dropped coins and dollar bills into his open violin case. I can’t “hear” Tom’s violin the way that you may, but please don’t think for a second that I can’t connect to his passion, emotion and sentiment. I follow every movement and can match the emotional rapport that so transparently poured out of him. That energy is transcendent AF… (AF = as fuck) for you older folks :))

In appreciation, Im grateful and proud to have these experiences with a reverence for life and the self-awareness that comes with it. This illustration is a tool to bring awareness, and hopefully access and inclusion. (Image caption- a violin stands in a white empty space with its ears out and open. A shadow is cast of its higher self.)