Comm-Unica-TION, 2021, Animated GIF

An activation portal for all to audit their accessibility and inclusion practices, to question their creation and production process and how it is shared. Do you caption your audio and video content? Do you provide transcripts? Do you share how and where your accessible content can be found? 

I made this GIF as a visual representation of what it looks like for Deaf & Hard of Hearing people trying to follow “audio only podcasts or videos” that have no captions or transcription. The animated GIF is a perfect medium to communicate the frustration and lack of accessible and inclusive content out there as it loops on and on and on..

Watch this looping animation below for 25 minutes straight (thats a common podcast or video time duration) and let me know if you feel frustrated, angry, exhausted and included.. I’ll wait for your response.

#accessibility #inclusion #communication #language