Sketchbook Archives, A Series.. ?

</early May 2022/>

I have been using a “sketchbook” for many many many years now. There is a huge collection of them. Some are completely filled up from top to bottom, and some are half finished and were abandoned. Some of these “books” I made from scratch thanks to @andrewcastrucci ‘s bookmaking class in 2002) – a great skill to know! There are well over 300 in my collection, or maybe 400.. 😮 

They are all very different in their technical approach and “how” each book has been filled. They expand far beyond pen or pencil on paper. I have been digging through them because I was looking for something specific.. I will have to comb through the past to find it and there is nothing more fun 🤩 ! The pages seen here below are all from 2003 (and an image added in 2004.) My plan is to begin curating the archives to share a lineage of my drawing styles and how they have transformed over time. Or something like that..

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I feel that ideas put on paper, no matter when it was still have the ability to come alive and or reinvent themselves. Im so happy that I have and continue to use a sketchbook to log in and develop ideas, feelings and philosophies. More to come! I hope you enjoy this little tid-bit for now.