Finding Order in the Chaos Art Making Process- >

(A series of selected digital illustrations created in late 2021)

Indeed, this post had its humble beginnings back in late 2021, and here we are, in the year 2023, finally hitting the publish button.. It’s a testament to how art, much like life, often takes its own time to mature and reveal its true essence. You could say I’m a fan of the slow-cooking approach to creativity. It’s all about letting ideas marinate and mature over time. My creative process often involves completing a significant portion of a project and then letting it “breathe” for a while. It’s during this gestation period that I find a deeper understanding of how to finish the work. It’s almost as if my artistic ideas come from a realm beyond the immediate, requiring my conscious mind to catch up.

Now, let’s talk about the art itself. The images below are a testament to the transformation from analog to digital art. What started as simple line drawings evolved into purely digital creations. The world of art has traditionally been rooted in analog techniques like painting and drawing, but in our digitally driven age, those lines have been blurring for while now. The process of digitizing analog art is relatively straightforward, involving a camera or scanner and image-editing software. And I don’t just mean Adobe software.. It allows for endless possibilities, from creating new digital art pieces to incorporating the digitized artwork into individual graphic assets, digital collages or using it as a backdrop in digital compositions. It’s a bridge between the traditional and electronic worlds of art.

One significant advantage of digitizing art is its ease of reproduction, remix, reuse and sharing. In our digital era, sharing art with a global audience has become more accessible than ever. From social media to online galleries, the avenues for exposure are vast. Im excited to bring more of my work in the AR, VR and Mixed Reality realms as well.

As for the future of art, it’s an ever-evolving landscape, and thankfully so! We’ve witnessed the rise of crypto-art and now see traditional institutions embracing the digital realm. The art world is in a state of constant flux, and it’s a thrilling journey to observe and participate in. It’s as if art itself is on its own creative journey, unfolding at its own pace.. accelerated!

I hope you enjoy these pieces, I have already long forgotten about them!

“Segments”, 2021 Digital Illustration

“Segment-One”, 2021 Digital Illustration

“Segments of Situational Occurrence”, 2021 Digital Illustration

“Segments of Situational Chaos”, 2021 Digital Illustration

“The Realization”, 2021 Digital Illustration

“Directional Connection”, 2021 Digital Illustration